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18 March 2011 @ 11:13 am
A few misadventures in dyeing last night, including very expensive alpaca that may or may not resemble uncooked liver a little too closely for anyone's comfort. Also I dyed my hands red... normally I don't put my hands in the bath at all, or by the time I do, it's very dilute and it doesn't stick to my hands.

Last night, though, I saw how fast the blue was striking on the alpaca and plunged my hands in to grab it out and then so on and so forth, and all the blue was gone (it was on the alpaca) but the red? Plenty of that, still. LOL. Look! The yellow of the light makes it less impressive than it actually was. It's faded some today, thank goodness.

Then in my infinite wisdom I put more of the same dye into the pot. So what could then happen? Oh, you know. More blue could go to my yarn that was supposed to be rich burgundy.

This is, as I said on Facebook, one of the really interesting things about dye. Primaries that make up a blended hue will behave differently, and then differently again depending on the fiber you're using, how it's treated (like if it's superwash), and even the ply or how it's spun. One of the things I've learned is that in a hue like a deep grape where there's a lot of blue and relatively little red, I can really get some subtleties because the red strikes the yarn later and I can really control how "rosy" the yarn gets. In the opposite direction, though, it's much trickier.

My alpaca was blue and then a bit... reddish blue. Something anaemic looking. LOL

But look what exactly the same process did to wool superwash! That's the color I was actually going for, that deep reddish wine. Then I variegated out to a lovely dusty rose. It's really, really pretty. But damned if it did nothing like that on alpaca.

I am loving the alchemy of this. I love that it's a learned process, and also a tactile process. It's also an artistic process. I like the dice roll aspect, I like that there's actually some risk, although mistakes can be fixed somewhat.

Anyway, good stuff.

I should have a bunch new stock in the shop after the weekend's dyeing, probably a dozen or so new skeins and many new colorways. If you want anything custom... ask me NOW. :D
16 March 2011 @ 10:50 am
A banner image reading help_japan.

I'm participating in this with some yarn. Go donate, bid.

Here's mine, but there's a ton of good stuff there.
15 March 2011 @ 08:57 pm
First of all, a huge thank you to everyone who responded to my wee pity party the other night. Particular thanks to those who flirted. It was perfect. :)

But also all of you, and *hugs* all round.

* * *

Now, let's see.

I've been tagged!!

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10 March 2011 @ 10:11 pm
... super undesirable right now.
08 March 2011 @ 12:49 pm
These will go up in the shop today. If you want first dibs on any of them, give me a hollah and I won't even post them up.

07 March 2011 @ 09:51 am
First game in a while last night.

I've been doing this stairmaster challenge with C at work... going up and down the stairwell stairs. We started at 4 x 4 flights. Sixteen total. As of last week we're doing 10 x 4 and let me tell you forty flights of stairs is pretty hard core. The goal is 80.

I thought somehow with all this stair work, I'd get on the ice and fly around like Superman.

Honestly? Not much changed. N did an amazing sharpening job on my skates - the first 7/16 I've had in a while that actually felt like it's supposed to, fast on the flat, and a tiny wicked little knife of a cut on the edge so I can turn on a dime. It'd be awful for defense but it's good for forward, if I could, you know. Manage any jets whatsoever.

This "slow" epithet my captain stuck on me is sticking with me and I asked last night if I was faster and he said yeah a little but not near where I should be and after years of hustle being my best asset, it pisses me off.

I have a million excuses. Old, feeling sick today or allergies but I think I'm coming down with what the kids have. But the hell, you know? I want to be faster. I want to be better.

06 March 2011 @ 08:10 pm
Here's this weekend's colors, with emphasis on WARM and also WARM thank you. Can you tell I'm ready for winter to be over already?

Not pictured here are a rose and pink laceweight that went to miss H, whom I visited Saturday and went to WOO HOO Mannings with. I also have a lovely blue variegated that I need to re-skein and will post up when I post the final skein pictures. Eos, by the way, sold, so I did dye a similar skein but these will tend to be one of a kind. So, yanno, fair warning if you like something have me put it aside for you.

Also, if you're wondering, that very very very very long skinny skein that's in two separate pots then two separate parts of a steamer divided by foil is my first attempt at self-striping yarn. It has very loooooooooong colorways (about the length of my dining room in fact) and goes purple to seafoam and back again, through a very pale, nearly white pastel of each.

The yarn is the most beautiful yarn I've yet worked with - it's a 60/40 angora/wool blend from Norway and I'm completely in love with it. I hear that it's being discontinued and that is a shame because it's gorgeous and takes dye fantastically and is ZOMG soft.
04 March 2011 @ 01:03 pm

"Who is this Viking, and what made him throw a dwarf off a cliff?"
03 March 2011 @ 10:57 pm
I was going to go answer all the comments individually and then I realized I'd be saying the same thing to everyone.


If I cut people for not commenting I would be the biggest hypocrite EVER. LOL

I've gone weeks and weeks without posting and longer without reaching out to friends on here and catching up and talking a bit to them on their posts so ZOMG it's not about that.

It's a more ongoing thing I had where it was months on months and I was making overtures to people who really had no interest in my friendship. This is different than people I know here who are new friends or casual friends who I met and we went O cool let's be LJ friends and then I look at their handle and think "wait, who is that?".. or people who rarely post on their journals or comment anywhere but I know they're there and we have fondness and it's just of a very intermittent or flakily distant variety

- but that's different. I'm talking about where I had concern and affection for someone but they had not the least bit for me, which is completely fine, just not how I want to conduct my relationships, if yanno what I mean.

I'm all for unconditional love but -

No, actually, no I'm not.

02 March 2011 @ 09:41 am
So I made some flist changes today...

I realized there's a bunch of people who I read and comment on who kind of don't notice I exist, which is futile on my part unless reading them is really worth the effort for some reason.

I'm not a huge fan of one-way friendships and someone wisely said to me yesterday to not love people who don't love you back and that is wicked smart.

Also one of the people I had friended posts several times a day about themselves and frankly I'd rather see more of you all and less of them. LOL

Also if you are reading this and are one of my frequent-posters, do not be alarmed. If you're still on this list even if we are not super-chatty, I still feel like you give a shit and we're cool. ;p